Pearce Bunting actor

When Pearce was a little kid he was adorable. He played with a little jack in a box and had a winning smile. But something happened (maybe too many triple decker baloney and cheese sandwiches) and at the age of 10 he gained a few pounds and started wearing "husky" clothes. Well, this didn't help his self esteem and he started "acting out" by doing things like putting tacks on his teacher's chairs and other obvious antics to get a raise out of his classmates. Then he discovered the THEATRE!

Finally! A sport he could excel at! AND he could get applause for being obnoxious! He spent many hours practicing at home by doing stunt falls over the living room furniture while watching The Wild Wild West. Then one summer his hormones kicked in and he grew a foot and that stretched him out and took care of the husky clothes! And he started to like himself again and all of a sudden anything seemed possible! He moved to Colorado and grew long hair!! Then he moved back home and started acting professionally.

Well, that's been going on for a long time now. His work has taken him all over Philadelphia and all over the world! He won some awards for his work on stage, he was a host for Travelers on Discovery Channel, he's been on Homicide and even did a movie with old timer Mambo man Scott Johnston!

Speaking of Mambo, for a long time, Pearce felt a nagging feeling in the back of his hips. As happy as he was, something was missing. Then one day, supreme leader and trailer enthusiast Todd Kimmell called him up and asked "Do you want to Mambo?" At first, Pearce was confused - he didn't have those kind of feelings for Todd. Then he realized that Todd was asking him to join that elite corps of artistic macho men, MAMBO MOVERS, the SENSITIVE moving company and a few hours later he was merrily giving the first of many "HEAVE HOH'S!" to a modular sofa!

Mambo taught Pearce that you can work on your muscles and your mind at the same time (and it took away that nagging feeling in the back of his hips).
Pearce has made a lot of friends through mambo-ing and some of them still talk to him. Like Serge, the new fearless leader, who taught him his favorite saying - "Dvezhaseezahveerahee!"

Well, life goes on and now Pearce is living in New York City and trying to move his way up the food chain in show business. Not too long ago, he watched some New York movers do their thing (like sherpas with thousands of pounds on their backs skipping up 5 flights of stairs) and when he told them he used to mambo, they were IM-pressed!


Greater Tuna, Mt. Gretna, PA


Mom and The Razor Blades, NYC


Dumb shit Doug, Web Certificate commercial


Hamm and Clov in Endgame


Psycho Drama


Pearce Bunting and the future Mrs. Pearce Bunting, Whitey Jackson

(Winner, 1999 Judges Prize, Best Performer)
 Solo performance  International Theatre Festival at San Antonio
Writer/Dir. Felipe Santander
(Nominated, 1999 Barrymore Award, Best Performance by a Leading Actor)
 John Brennan  The Arden Theatre Co.
Dir. James Christy
(Winner, 1999 Philadelphia Critics Award, Best Actor)
 Hamm  Big House Plays & Spectacles,
Dir. Mark Lord
 BLUE MOON OVER MEMPHIS  Oscar  Lincoln Center Director's Lab  
(Winner, 1995 Barrymore Award,
Best Performance by a Leading Actor)
 Scullery  The Wilma Theatre,
Dir. Blanka Zizka
 QUARTET  Valmont  The Wilma Theatre, Dir. Blanka Zizka  
 HAMLET  Claudiu  Big House Plays & Spectacles, Dir. Mark Lord  
 THE WILD DUCK  Gregers  Big House Plays & Spectacles, Dir. Mark Lord  
 PSYCHO DRAMA  V.  Theatre Row Theatre, Dir. Ken Marini  
 MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM  Oberon/Theseus  The Arden Theatre Co., Dir. Aaron Posner  

 THE TEMPEST  Caliban  The Arden Theatre Co., Dir. Mark Lord  
 THE MISER  Tuhtub  Yale Repertory Theatre, Dir. Andrei Belgrader  
 SARCOPHAGUS  The Cyclist  Yale Repertory Theatre, Dir. David Chambers  
 THE LOVER  Richard/Max  The Walnut Street Theatre, Dir. Malcolm Black  
 THE CHERRY ORCHARD  Yasha  Philadelphia Festival Theatre, Dir. Carol Rocamora  
 ALL IN THE TIMING  Don, Phillip Glass, Al  Philadelphia Theatre Co., Dir. Jason Buzas  
 MACBETH  Banquo  Philadelphia Drama Guild, Dir. Mary Robinson  
 NORA  Krogstad  Philadelphia Drama Guild, Dir. Mary Robinson  
 MASTERGATE  Manly Battle Interact Theatre Co., Dir. Robert Smythe  
GOD'S COUNTRY Farmer, Pastor, Mr. Smith  Interact Theatre Co., Dir. Seth Rozin  
 ALL MY SONS  Chris  Cheltenham Center For The Arts, Dir. Ken Marini  
 RECKLESS  Lloyd  Cheltenham Center For The Arts, Dir. Ken Marini  

 HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET (John Richert,1999 Season)  NBC
 AS THE WORLD TURNS (Jacob Horton, recurring, 1999 Season)  CBS
 TRAVELERS, Host (Daily International Travel Series, 1996- 1998)  Discovery Channel, Travel Channel

 EUNUCH ALLEY  Independent Feature
SMOKE AND MIRRORS  Independent Short 

ROAD  International Theatre Festival (Plcen, Czech Republic)
ALL IN THE TIMING  Vienna's English Theatre (Vienna, Austria)
PSYCHO DRAMA Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinlourgh, Scotland)

Yale School of Drama, Graduate Class of 1988

Guitar, Strange Voices, Room Tone

And finally: Pearce, Simon and Serge on the moving stage of Mambo.

How can't you just love Pearce?